172 acre Villa Resort in DR

For luxury properties, ensuring that all back-of-house areas are adequate for the size and function of the property is critical. We have seen many beautiful resorts and villas completed only to realize later that there is no staff restroom, inadequate linen storage, no room for the walk-in cooler, no delivery entrance and other service-flow and operational impediments. With a project of this size, planning is paramount.

As specialists in "designing for service", Properties in Paradise has been retained to consult in the planning phase of this luxury villa resort to help anticipate the future day-to-day service requirements of the property - before construction - and help eliminate any issues that would require costly revisions.

We are excited to see this magnificent project come to life. Upon completion, this luxury Dominican Republic resort will feature a 10-bedroom Great House as well as 5 villas with 5 bedrooms each. Currently in the design phase, we will share more about this exciting project as things progress.