Properties in Paradise is a local expert in Anguilla real estate sales. We intimately understand the unique process of investing in an Anguilla property and will guide you through it with ease. You can depend on our knowledge of local procedures as we assist you every step of the way.

Fully licensed and established on Anguilla since 2009, we are a member of AREA (Anguilla Real Estate Association). In addition, since 2002, we have developed, managed, staffed, marketed and maintained many flagship Anguilla luxury villa rentals.  
Important facts about purchasing Anguilla real estate:
What is the process to buy Anguilla Real Estate?
If you are a buyer from overseas, a license is required to purchase Anguilla real estate. Properties in Paradise guides you through this process which takes between 3 and 9 months. We can make this process simpler so you can focus on your exciting new property purchase. 
What taxes do I have to pay at closing?
For 2022-23, the tax for the license is 5% of the purchase price on existing buildings and 6.5% on the purchase price of raw land. In addition, title transfer is calculated at 5%. There are some exceptions to this so please contact us for specific information. We can quickly assess your tax responsibility for closing.
If I buy a property in Anguilla will I get residency?
Yes, an 11-month visitor’s stamp is issued upon payment of the license tax and is renewable for the same terms on an annual basis. It is also possible to apply for permenant residency if you are a home owner, certain rules apply so please reach out for details. 
Is there a capital gains or inheritance tax?
There is no capital gains or inheritance tax in Anguilla.
What tax do I have to pay if I want to sell my Anguilla real estate?
There is no tax to sell real estate in Anguilla. 
Can I buy in a company name?
Yes, you may buy as an individual or in a company name. We can offer detailed information on the entire process including how and where to set up the company if necessary.
I would like to buy land and build; can I do that?
Absolutely, but some restrictions may apply and are important to know. We can advise you on how you may be impacted.
Can I rent my villa when I am not using it?
Yes you can. A rental license is needed and Properties in Paradise can assist you in obtaining one.
If I rent, can I cover my running costs or make money?
This depends on the type of property you purchase. We will be happy to offer our opinion on expected yields from a property based on our many years of Anguilla luxury property sales and management.
Please e-mail or call for an appointment to learn more about buying Anguilla real estate. Consultations are free of charge at our offices in South Hill, by phone, via Skype or Live Chat on the website. We make your purchase process simple, efficient and hassle-free!